Republicans Worry About Drop in Gas Prices

Gas prices are dropping steadily across the country, but the disingenuous GOP whining about #bidenflation isn’t likely to get any quieter.

According to the Energy Information Administration, the price at the pump has fallen for a third straight week, and will probably continue to drop in the weeks to come.

This is, obviously, excellent news for the American consumer. According to Forbes, “The biggest price drop in the last day was in Washington, D.C, (5.5 cents), the biggest drop in the last week was Illinois (15.9 cents) and the biggest drop in the past month was in Wisconsin (33.8 cents).

This comes after several major moves by President Biden over the past few months to reduce gas prices which included an historic release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, getting global partners to release a combined 240 million barrels of oil on the global market, and pressuring oil companies who are raking in record profits.

But don’t expect the playbook to change for Republicans in their never-ending quest to blame Biden for economic indicators outside of his control, like the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

(The love child Republicans would rather not discuss ☝️☝️☝️)

And, really, why would it? They’re perfectly aware that their actual policy goals, like banning abortion and attacking LGBTQIA+ people, are at odds with the preferences of most voters.

More of the Same

So what will GOPers mindlessly tweet about now that gas prices are starting to drop?

Well, there’s always Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan to turn to when wanting to take the pulse of a GOP dedicated to deflection and distraction.

He’s tweeting his faux-support for Police with #backtheblue despite doing absolutely nothing to address police concerns about being outgunned by criminals with assault weapons.

And let’s not forget Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, who requested a pardon to shield himself from prosecution for his likely illegal activities on and around January 6th. He’s tweeting about the Great American Scourge that is…Hunter Biden!

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