Our Mission

Lede Progress is a progressive, digital-first media organization dedicated to moving forward the progressive agenda that will foster a more equitable, just, and prosperous America. With over 100,000 grassroots supporters, our movement is on the frontlines combating right-wing media lies, far-right extremism, and expanding the reach of progressive messaging through digital and social media channels.

Progressive media

We want to be your source for progressive news. Lede Progress is creating and curating progressive news content that will spread our shared values further through strategic advertising, digital campaigns, and grassroots engagement. 

Grassroots activism

We want to empower supporters to share concise strategic messages that reinforce progressive values, and how those values are taking shape in the world around us. We provide supporters the tools to share, write, and speak out for the issues we all care about. 

Exposing corporate sponsors that fund right-wing propaganda

It’s no secret that many right-wing news organizations have massive audiences that translate into massive advertising revenues. As the propaganda coming from these news outlets increases in extremism – such as the lies that led to the Capitol insurrection – it is becoming harder for national business to ignore that their advertising dollars are funding the very misinformation that is inciting hate and violence. We intend to expose and alert corporate advertisers that their money is fueling division and hate in America.

Financially empowering non-profit and independent journalism

Local news is still the most-trusted source for information for millions of Americans. But as many existing newsrooms and cohorts of professional journalists face distressing economic realities, often in underserved communities, many are turning to non-profit or independent models of funding to continue their work.

At Lede Progress we strive to empower the emerging forms of news organizations through grant funding. As these news organizations grow in support, they are able to replace the traditional corporate media organizations and gain credibility of truly independent news.

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