The Economy is Booming

By Kyle Jarrett

It’s Christmastime! All around the neighborhood pretty lights are twinkling in the eaves, wreaths adorn the doors, garlands are hung up in the breezeways, and all across the internet Right-Wing media personalities are screeching about #Bidenflation. 

“Bidenflation is robbing the American People of a proper Christmas.” complains ACTforAmerica. 

“Biden’s not telling the truth again about Build Back Broke: *30% of middle class families could see tax hikes *economists say it will make #Bidenflation worse *child care costs for middle class families could increase by $27K *@BudgetModel says it will decrease economic growth” lies Tommy Pigott. 

“Twas a few nights before Christmas and all through the nation, consumer prices were skyrocketing thanks to Bidenflation…” fearmongers an account called the “Job Creators Network.”

Or how about Peter Navarro, former trade advisor to the Trump White House? This week, Newsmax offered him its platform to proclaim that President Biden “is the stagflation grinch that is stealing Christmas…” because “The misery index has already hit 20%.”

The stagflation grinch who’s stealing Christmas?

Let’s see what staid conservative stalwart The Wall Street Journal has to say on the subject. “Booming U.S. Economy Ripples World-Wide.” Yeah, that’s right, take that Joe Biden, you stagflation gri…wait. Huh? “Surging American demand draws investment from overseas,” reports the Journal, because, as Peter Baker puts it, “The US economy is booming, with a 7% annualized growth rate expected in the final quarter compared with 2% last quarter. America is outpacing the Eurozone (2%) and China (4%).”

So the economy isn’t falling apart? It’s actually…surging? Somebody’s got to tell the Right-Wing Media, because surely they’ll want to know that they’re pushing a demonstrably false narrative that Biden and the Democrats are putting forward a Socialist agenda that is sure to lead America into economic ruin. Remember how the same was true under President Obama? 

Or, actually, the reverse was true. Just check with Business Insider: Democratic presidents keep having to save the US economy after Republican presidents run it into the ground.

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