DirecTV Officially Drops OAN

It’s official. OAN has gone off the air on DirecTV. 

Yes, even as sitting US Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas bloviate about their “grave concern for the future of journalism and political discourse in America,” DirecTV followed through with its promise to boot the fringe conservative network from its lineup.

According to Bloomberg, “In recent weeks, OAN and its supporters have tried to pressure DirecTV to keep the network. In March, Herring Networks sued AT&T and DirecTV, alleging breach of contract. In the lawsuit, Herring said that “the economic consequences of losing carriage with DirecTV could be devastating to OAN.”

OAN and its…supporters?

Like the aforementioned sitting US Senators, who are gravely concerned for the future of journalism and political discourse in America, journalism and political discourse that includes this important video from OAN’s Pearson Sharp spreading Covid misinformation and complaining about “Dr. Benito Fauci…the fascist!”

Or maybe the important journalism that these Senators are gravely concerned about the state of was this?

Or maybe this is the critical contribution to political discourse that Senators Lee and Cruz are so concerned with:

Either way, OAN viewers are BIG mad at DirecTV this week. The same crew of Anti-Cancel Culture, anti-Woke keyboard warriors are threatening to cancel AT&T with a big, mean, definitely not cancel-culture boycott.

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